CineFlex | Innovative Camera Gear Rental
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CineFlex 360

Introducing our CineFlex 360. The full 360 bullet time rig that doesn’t cost R400 000 to setup. Capture full 360 super slow motion video anywhere. The rig can handle any camera up to 30kg, and the platform is 2m wide and can support up to 200kg.

Contact us to rent this rig on your next video production.

It includes:

  • The full 360 Camera rig with adjustable arms
  • A skilled Operator
  • Free Delivery in Gauteng



CineFlex Titan Coming Soon

Our CineFlex Titan high speed camera arm is currently in development.

Rental includes:

  • The full CineFlex High Speed Camera Arm
  • A skilled Operator
  • Free Delivery in Gauteng

CineFlex Hologram

Introducing our CineFlex Hologram.

A massive UHD Hologram display case that can display products, logos, full animations,etc. This can be the wow factor at your next event.

Contact us to rent this hologram for your next event.

It includes:

  • The 48″ Hologram display case
  • Full setup and Testing
  • Free Delivery in Gauteng

Cinematic Lenses

Our Cinematic lenses will be available to rent through MediaFilm within the next few weeks.

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